Hello from Hemp4Good…

A Wealth of Hemp Products
A Wealth of Hemp Products

I’ve started this blog to “spread the word” about the benefits of industrial hemp products. Sounds a bit boring, until you realize that industrial hemp essential oil is extremely beneficial to our everyday health. All the science points to its helping with depression, anxiety, epilepsy, cancer, arthritis, etc.

This blog is my venue to keep anyone who is interested up on the current information, research, and the state of legislation. Essential oil from hemp is legal in the US, and I’ve become involved in selling some of these very special products on eBay. Hemp4Good is my sellers name.

hemp-for-victory-hplusmagazineI also have a FaceBook page, again Hemp4Good. I regularly post articles of interest pertaining to industrial hemp usage. For instance, how the Hawaiian Islands’ First ‘Hemp Home’ is to Be Built on Maui | Maui Now. Or, explaining the differences between THC and CBD.

The industrial hemp industry will be the next BIG boom industry in this country, as long the government stays out of it. Our country was founded on EVERYONE growing hemp and using it to pay taxes, make material and rope, etc. Our Founding Fathers grew it themselves!

I’m excited to start this blog, and hope you find it worthwhile to read!